How To Cope with Music Festivals



Being in your 20’s most likely means (if you’re not one of those exceptions in life and you have all of your shit together)  you’re quite…lost.

You have this feeling of achievement and start of “adulthood” after those first years at Uni, while you look back and hate everything you’ve done the years before, even your tastes in…everything! Not to talk about the shameful old weird AF posts on Facebook, which now brings that all back to life, every day, poking on your memory box (oh, the pokes!).

Having  bitter taste from my teenage years, influenced my attitude towards teens, their habits and their typical behavior while I always tried to act accordingly to my age. This happened till last summer, when  I got the chance to buy tickets to a Florence + The Machine concert in Lisbon.

Most of the bands I was listening, during my hormonal teenage years, are hidden in a deep secret box while FATM remained, and I have the feeling (I’m sure) that it will never leave me.

After 4 years of developing my obsession with this band, I got the chance to see them live, with an OK ticket price and really close to where I was living. The concert was part of a music festival so we had to get there way before the concert to find a good spot  and hope I will get at least some eye contact from Florence (yes, I’m THAT crazy).

Super Bock Super Rock Music Festival, Lisbon 2014

We ended up standing on our spot for 8 hours while we were surrounded by people like me, fanatics of FATM waiting for the big moment, trying to get excited about the bands performing before or just sitting on the ground waiting for this guys who were serving beers from their big ass beer backpacks from a local brand.

Meanwhile, I got the chance to interact with some peeps from different countries and I was handing my copy of the “HOW BIG HOW BLUE HOW BEAUTIFUL” Album which was released not long before with a stunning cover design.

Super Bock Super Rock Music Festival, Lisbon 2014

At last, she appeared like a badass goddess and she ruled the stage like always, having an amazing interaction with every person in that space and letting herself go, giving the most complex and personal show of the night, and we utterly LOVED it.

Florence + The Machine Concert, Lisbon 2014

This 8 hours standing in a pool of people, not only built my patience but also changed my behavior, my way of interaction. And I loved it AF. Can’t wait for my next festival where I can become who I want and how I want, not worrying about “social consequences”.Till then, check out FATM Tour Dates for 2016.


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