5 Types Of People You Meet In A Hostel

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Staying in a hostel while travelling is really rewarding, if you’re fine with sleeping in a room with up to 12 people. Not only because it is really cheap comparing to a hotel room, but also because you get yourself a kitchen to cook, friendly staff and the chance to meet a lot of different people with their own habits, quirkiness and stories. From our experience with hostels, we managed to put up a list of individuals you can encounter in most of them.

1.The Messy Master

From underwear to basically everything, The Messy Master doesn’t leave one spot untouched, monopolizing all the room like a true mess dictator.The best part of it, is that you feel the most tidy person on this planet and you start to value more the intimacy  of your own space and your control on the cleaning situation.

2.The Social Pirate

Easygoing, charismatic and not being able to cope with quiet moments around people. They catch you in their hook by inviting you for lunch, visiting “that cool spot of the city” or even something more extreme like skydiving. Your plans will change suddenly and you’ll end up spending the whole day together. They choose a hostel, mostly for the trill of meeting new people and hear as many interesting facts about their country as possible.There are high chances for you to keep in touch afterwards.


3.The Party Animal

Waking up at 4 pm and finishing in the morning, The Party Animals are interested in all the cool pubs and clubs of the city where they can get hammered and maybe hook up with a local, if not with one of the dorm colleagues. Not going out from the hostel without a group of freshly met people and they will most likely pay several rounds of shots.


4.Travelling Sisterhood

They are COLORFUL! They are LIVELY! They are FUN!

This girl power group is out there. Friends since high school, still living in their hometown and having redundant office jobs, they plan their yearly trips together and stay in hostels for the simple reason of not being able to stay one without another during their special vacation. They spend most of their time drinking Chardonnay, enjoying fancy meals at the local restaurants, interrupting each other and flirting constantly with the waiter.

5.The Monolingual

These ones are a challenge. The simple attempt of starting a conversation will transform in a long interaction including sign language, different rudimentary sounds and drawings. You would think they are traveling for the first time, till you find out they do it quite often and they have lots of fun even if they don’t bother with a circulation language. In this situations, dictionaries (yes,  paper ones) or  translation apps are welcome.


Go  book yourself  a hostel for your next trip and I bet you’ll figure out a new type.


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