5 Travel Apps You’ll Need In Your Life

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Nowadays we are clearly dependent on our phones. It isn’t anymore about the amazing thing of calling, but about the almighty multitasking power of apps . From cooking to sports or dating, there is an app for absolutely everything  and I bet you all have a breakthrough idea for a new one ( I won’t tell you mine cus it is really, really good). Focusing on that, we selected some great apps that should be in your pocket while traveling.


A great city guide with a fine selection of galleries, venues and info on the latest performances. Designed by an italian crew, it shows you the best places dedicated to fine art and good taste. With a simple and clean interface, it is really easy to go through and find those unique artsy places you’re looking for. They also recommend you a bunch of restaurants where you can even get some discounts. I’d say Musement really is a MUST.




Travelling with class in one app. This travel journal offers you and your readers a great experience. They try to keep everything as simple and appealing as possible. Depending on your travel, you add diary entries which you enhance with some pictures. if you succeed to combine those two in a good manner you’ll end up creating beautiful content that can be shared on Facebook or converted into a PDF.



Most of the apps are focusing on the same type of big chain restaurants not really caring about your preferences. But this one really knows what you craving for! You in the mood for sushi or Paella? this app gives you the best places to feed your body and soul. The results are based on user-generated recommendations from your area so you can feel and eat like a local.




This app brings you back to the times when memories were touchable and gives you, again, those experiences through the beauty of postcards. While you’re enjoying your trip, instead of wondering after local gift shops to find a postcard with a redundant picture of the main attractions in the city, you can snap a picture with your phone and submit it together with a destination address on Touchnote. This picture will be transformed into a postcard and sent to your loved ones, anywhere in the world at a reasonable price (1.33$ – 2.99$) .


As the name says, why planing so many things when you go travel if you can just get a list with the current events and their availability right on the spot? Using an algorithm related to your location and your taste, it presents a great expert curation of events, night clubs and pop-up restaurants in your area, offering you several discounts  and useful information. Sadly, for now the app is covering only London, New York an San Francisco.


Technology is enabling us to create a common space for travelling purposes and the amount of apps tells us that we know how to use it. Add this apps to your phone and you’ll be exploring any corner of this world while discovering all the great spots, people and experiences.

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