How to travel cheap – 4 capitals for 35€

Looking for travelling around some european capitals? We’ve made you a plan for a five days break in the beginning of March.
Keeping it affordable as possible, we chose Megabus. Yes we are going on four wheels! Trains are too expensive and flights are just not so fun, even considering low costs airlines that offer you good fares and take you fast from country to country. We believe looking outside a window and enjoying nice sceneries gives you a way better traveling experience. And Megabus is just great for that! Not only regarding the price, it is comfortable, modern, offers a variety of destinations across Europe while you get free wifi for the whole trip.


We set the journey to start on the 1st of March, but of course you can choose other dates depending on what suits you better and you’ll still get good prices. This way, we’re taking the first bus from Paris which is only 2.5h from the different extremes of europe, so it is easy to get there from wherever you are.

This is our plan:
Paris – London

Date: 1st of March

Price: 19€

You’ll get on the bus in Paris Quai de Bercy, it is easy to find and there is a metro station with the same name right next to it.
London – Brussles

Date: 3rd of March

Price: 13€

Hop on at the very central Victoria Coach Station and arrive in Brussles Gare du Nord, one of the main transportation hubs, there’s no way you’ll have troubles finding your way to the center.
Brussles – Amsterdam

Date: 5th of March

Price: 1.3€


You’ll find the bus on the same place where you arrived from London and you’ll get down in Sloterdigk which is right next to different metro and bus lines heading the city center.
There you go! Five days, four capitals and just for 35€. If you start saving for this trip, get on Couchsurfing and you’re ready for the adventure,we’re sure you’ll have the best travel experience. Enjoy!


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  1. thanks for the info,i didn’t know that they megabus over there


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