We’ve Been To Arsen Revazov’s Gallery

“Technical task of the photographer is to show the world in an invisible light, a world, that a naked human eye is unable to see.”

This is the statement of Arsen Revazov, a photographer, artist and image perfectionist who plays with the fine structure of nature, architecture and light. He succeeds to give a new form of the subject with the help of infrared light (on a special film with infrared filter) photography and “large-format” cameras.

Through “Italian Forth Dimension“, the artist takes us through a beautiful stylistic journey, representing the gorgeous and much praised italian architecture, overlapping different perspectives, shapes and tones through a harmonious manner while we, as viewers, get caught in the amount of details and visual information, being encapsulated in a comfortable mess.

studio venice
Italian Forth Dimension | Cà d’Oro Transformed | 2014

Revazov’s work was well received by the industry, having several exhibitions in Moscow and several works presented in museums and private collections throughout Europe, the USA or Central America.

Since 2013, the photographer has been living and working in the beautiful city of Venice where we got the chance to visit his studio ar33Studio. A small minimalist place on the narrow street of Frezzaria 1733, Calle dei Barcaroli, standing out in the city’s congested labyrinth, in tones of black and white representing the artist’s style and vision, you can look through the big windows and feel a peak of what’s happening, but he makes sure we get in displaying an inviting “Please, come in!”.

ar33Studio | Venice, Italy | 2016
ar33Studio | Venice, italy | 2016

The walls are filled with the latest artworks with good quality images, supports and arrangement. You get a “behind the curtain” perspective with the help of film developing substances, utensils and different types of film cameras. It’s a place where contemporary meets the history and vice versa, where you feel Arsen’s knowledge and passion. He wants to offer us a different perspective, a perspective that a naked eye cannot see, and he succeeds, showing us how wide angled and malleable any type of artistic expression can be.

ar33Studio | Venice, Italy | 2016
ar33Studio | Venice, Italy | 2016


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