Best Hostels in Europe 2016

Traveling on budget doesn’t mean you’re going to stay on an ugly, dirty, unconformable place. Totally the opposite. Today, Youth Hostels are spread all around the world offering really affordable accommodation for travelers, backpackers or tourists in general.

The concept isn’t recent though, the first hostel opened in 1912 in Germany by the hands of Richard Schirmann, a teacher that after several school trips decided to arrange an accommodation for students in the shape of dormitories and those staying there were responsible for maintaining the place clean and functional. In 2016, the hostel is still standing and the Schirmann was clearly a visionary we have much to thank for!


We mostly don’t notice it nowadays, but only 15 years ago there were almost no low cost flights, no cheap bus and no place where you could find hostels around the world and make a simple booking, as you do today right from your smartphone. And Hostelworld is a clear example of where we got, it shows you places in 170 countries in the world, so if you not considering going to North Korea you bet you’ll find a place to stay.

Hostelworld also brought us some other really cool features, the option of rating and commenting the places where you’ve been, seems something quite common, but it actually gives travelers all the tips they need to choose the most convenient hostel. And so, based on the those rating, the website selects every year the best on what they call the Hoscars.

So, if you’re planning where to travel this year, here you have the best 9 hostels in Europe, according to people that enjoyed their stay:

9 – Gallery Hostel, Porto, Portugal

Gallery Hostel
Gallery Hostel, Porto, Portugal

A mix between a hostel and an art gallery. Very cozy and an example of Portuguese architecture right n the city center.

“Besides being one of the most beautiful hostels I ever stayed in, Gallery Hostel staff is the friendliest. They went out of their way to make sure our stay is comfortable and relaxing. They gave great recommendations for things to do in Porto and around. The hostel rooms are spacious, clean and beautiful. It got amazing areas to relax, cinema room, computer room and a great dinning room. It has a very relaxing chilled atmosphere. I loved it and will be back. I loved my stay! Thank you, Aseel.” Anonymous, 21/Sep/2015

8 – Mosquito Hostel, Krakow, Poland

Mosquito Hostel
Mosquito Hostel, Krakow, Poland

Right in the city’s old town you’ll find this fun hostel, full of nice drawings on the walls and cool decorations!

“I thought I knew what a good hostel was but Mosquito blew them all out the water 🙂 I loved the atmosphere they create with their free dinners and activities every night its a perfect opportunity to meet lots of new people before heading out to explore Krakow’s bars together.” Anonymous, 12/Dec/2015

7 – Yes! Hostel, Porto, Portugal

Yes! Hostel, Porto, Portugal

If you searching for the best facilities, friendly staff, good location and safety, Yes! Porto does provide you all that on a very chill and warm atmosphere!

“The hostel was really good, the staff is so friendly and helpful. The bed was very comfortable, the room was clean and the security it’s good (all it’s with electronic band). The breakfast it’s good as well where you find various things. They offer dinner for 10€ and it’s delicious. The location it’s perfect, near all the city highlights.” Anonymous, 29/Nov/2015

6 – Hostel One Home, Prague, Czech Republic 

Hostel One Home, Prague, Czech Republic

A party hostel and comfortable just like home. With great staff just ready to help and take you out to enjoy the lively nightlife of Prague!

“This was my favorite hostel in my trip because it really is like a home- the staff were the best and incredibly welcome. They made everyone feel included and do their best to be helpful. The daily activities are also great and the general atmosphere of the place was just laid back and friendly cause everyone talked to one another and had a good time. I loved the family dinners as well cause it as another chance to get to know some great people and have good conversations. Will be back!” ghh597, 24/Dec/2015

5 – Hostel Majdas, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Hostel Majdas, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Here you get the chance to meet all those cool travelers, it is a cozy hostel with great fresh homemade meals for you to enjoy all those traditional dishes.

“We loved our time at Majdas. The breakfast, which Majda cooks for everyone each morning, was delicious and a great way to meet the other travelers at the hostel. Majda herself is wonderful, and had an awesome dry sense of humor. The hostel is her home, and she goes out of her way to make sure that it is a home away from home for other travelers. The showers are also the best we’ve had anywhere in Europe.” allyffi, 31/Oct/2015

4 – Jazz Hostel & Apartments, Bled, Slovenia

Jazz Hostel & Apartments, Bled, Slovenia

Get ready to be close to the lake and the adventure. This hostel offers you the warmness and comfort you’ll need after a day of extreme sports!

“The BEST Hostel I have stayed at. What a place! Jani is amazingly friendly and has all sorts of tips for u, so don’t hesitate to ask him anything! His knowledge about hiking routes are very good so if you want to hike just talk to him before u set out. Best part about the rooms were NO bunk beds and the balcony overlooking the Alps (phew an amazing view esp in the mornings). The beds were so comfortable that you “sleep like a baby” in Jani’s words! Stay and you will never regret it, EVER.” Anonymous, 14/Dec/2015

3 – Sungate One, Madrid, Spain

Sungate One Hostel, Madrid, Spain

If you want to escape the mainstream Madrid and get to know the city from different angles and perspectives, the staff here is just the best for that!

“Sungate is probably the best hostel I have stayed at in all my travels. The location can’t be beat – right next to Puerta del Sol – central to everything you want to see in Madrid. From there, you can pretty much walk anywhere. Even better than the location is the staff. They are all super-friendly and make an effort to foster a real social environment for guests. I definitely felt like part of the family during my stay. Great atmosphere. The common area is great and the free dinner is the best!” chipjohnsno1827, 21/Dec/2015

2 – Hostel One Paralelo, Barcelona, Spain

Hostel One Paralelo, Barcelona, Spain

Just like the vibe of Barcelona, this hostel gives you all that cultural artsy feeling with great decoration and outdoor spaces!

“I really enjoyed my stay at this Hostel ! The location is good as it is located close to a metro station and there are many places to eat or buy groceries nearby. The free dinners in the evening are a great way to meet other travelers and the events planned for each night were always so good. Facilities are great and this hostel is perfect for lone travelers, you will have no difficulty meeting people. Look no further, just book !” Hakeem_22, 28/Dec/2015

1 – Soul Kitchen, St. Petersburg, Russia

soul kitch
Soul Kitchen Hostel, St. Petersburg, Russia

On the first place, this is not only the best Hostel in Europe, but the best in the world on it’s category. Fully designed for comfort and beauty, you get the best facilities possible on a still on budget price. And the staff just makes you feel that special click!

“I have traveled to 30+ countries, mainly in Europe & East/Southeast Asia, and Soul Kitchen is definitely one of the best that I’ve stayed at. There’s a great vibe inside, crazy cool kitchen area and the staff is amazing. Leo in particular was extremely helpful– very responsive to emails before & during my stay. Soul Kitchen created/provides an EXCELLENT city map which includes restaurant and bar recommendations (which stays away from touristy spots). HIGHLY recommend!” Anonymous, 20/Dec/2015

So now you know, these are the best Hostels where you can stay around Europe. Remember, it is always important to rate and comment after a stay, this is how we all get our tips from!

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