6 Wicked Summer Festivals Of 2016

We find ourselves in the middle of winter at the beginning of Spring, a time when we seek any method to keep ourselves warm  is also the period for summer music festivals to announce the first artists in their line-ups, always offering great early birds. We made a list of 6 European festivals which will make you wanna hibernate till summer.

1. INmusic Festival


Just celebrated ten years in 2015, INmusic Festival is the biggest Croatian open-air music festival. Taking place in Zagreb’s Lake Jarun at the beginning of each summer, it is constantly praised as one of the best festivals in Europe – and one of the most affordable – it features performances by numerous music legends.

|  20th – 22th of June | Line-up | Tickets |

2. Open Source Festival


Based in Düsseldorf, OPEN SOURCE FESTIVAL has a unique vibe and mixed elements, being held in the middle of the Grafenberg Forest, on a horse racecourse surrounded by beautiful nature. Every year, more and more people attend the festival that, at the same time, keeps the stamp of unconventional through its program, location and even the concept itself.

| 09th of July | Line-up | Tickets |

3. Colours of Ostrava Festival


A colorful festival of Czech Republic, with a wide range of music styles and other activities such as theatre, workshops, discussions, films etc. Located on a site of former blast furnaces, mines and ironworks, it continuously reinvented itself by using, every year, different concepts of color and exquisite line-ups.

| 14th – 17th of July | Line-up | Tickets |

4. Dour Festival


Since 1989 until today, the Dour Festival got huge in Belgium. Having a wonderful mix of headliners and spotless organization. Taking place on a terrain of the Boriange Terrils, it’s succeeding to stand out in Europe’s festival scene and attract lots of music lovers.

| 13th – 17th of July | Line-up | Tickets |

5. Flow Festival


An eclectic combination of music, arts, food and ecology. A splash of color and abstract, close to the center of Helsinki with a packed program “from old school legends and topical newcomers”. Enhancing the space., there are always lot of activities around the festival including pop-up diners, shops selling all sorts of thingies and many colorful structures.

 | 12th – 14th of August | Line-up | Tickets |

6. Sziget Festival


You wanna become a “szitizen”? Sziget Festival proclaims the label of multicultural and open-minded, encouraging everyone to join the seven days of cool craziness! Happening  in Sziget, Hungary, on a big beautiful festival ground and a big beautiful line-up. Over 25% of the passes available for Sziget 2016 have already been sold, so hurry up!

| 10th – 17th of August | Line-up | Tickets |

Summer is closer than you think. That’s proven by festival’s programs filling up with more and more artists. Did you get your tickets?

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