Wroclaw, European Capital Of Culture 2016

It’s not by chance that Wrocław is also known as WrocLove. The third biggest city in booming Poland, with 12 islands connected by an astonishing number of 112 bridges. In 2016, it is the European Capital of Culture, a prize the city well deserves for its history, diversity and open minded perspective on what the future has to offer.

All around the city you’ll find hidden gnomes, can you count how many? conseilsvacances.blogspot.com

Situated in the very center of Europe, less than 300km from Dresden and Prague, the city is proud of its multicultural routes, whether German, Jewish or Polish. More than just proud, it doesn’t hesitate on showing them. In the center, stary miasto, you can find a great confluence of architectural styles that are a clear reflex of the city’s history, from the town hall, Ratusz, a gothic building from the 13th century to the amazingly colorful houses around the market square that bare a clear German/Austrian influence or some constructivist gems as the student residence towers, Kredka and Ołówek.

11.03.2010 Wroclaw N/z Ratusz Fot. Pawel Koziol/REPORTER
11.03.2010 Wroclaw N/z Ratusz Fot. Pawel Koziol/REPORTER

Economically, the city hosts some of the world’s most well known companies as Google, HP, IBM, Qatar Airways or other from the financial sector such as HSBC or Credit Suísse, making of Wrocław a meeting place for a big number of foreigners, not only those working, but also the thousand of international students that see in the University an opportunity to find highly qualified lecturers and future job opportunities.

The University of Wroclaw, wikimedia


The diverse nightlife scene is also a plus when living or visiting the city, finding a place to fit is just that easy, doesn’t matter if you like the warm atmosphere of Mañana, the electric feel of Kalambur, or if you just enjoy a nice beer at one of the several pubs as Wlodkowica.

Kalambur, wropenup.pl

Being really flat, it is covered by a great cycle lane circuit, making it really cool to discover the city during the spring or summer and appreciate the green spaces spread all around. During fall all those colors transform themselves into as well beautiful shades of brown, yellow and red. And the freezing cold winter brings the snow, but moving is still easy due to the city’s great bus and tram lines and you can always enjoy warm spaces.

Centennial Hall, Unesco World Heritage in Hala Stulecia, inyourpocket.com
The Japanese Garden

But the last years have been focused on culture and on getting people closer to cultural events. And however a challenge for any city, the already captivating cultural, contemporary and cosmopolitan atmosphere easily got everyone together, taking also advantage of a young and dynamic population.

Logo of Wroclaw 2016, wroclaw.pl

Getting the title of European Capital of Culture 2016, Wrocław offers thought the year a wide variety of projects such as exhibitions, film education, literature, theater or even self development workshops. But one of our favorite events is coming from urban spaces improvement, with “City Acupuncture” that will give a new life to buildings in the area around Zawalna street.

As a city of water, Wroclaw is also a city that wants to build bridges, from east to the west, from past to future and from native to foreigner. For all lovers of culture, beauty and entertainment it certainly is a city that deserves a visit during 2016!

The Grunwald Bridge and the Cathedral behind, culture.pl

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for such a splendid write up and amazing photographs.
    One added bonus for me is that I love the Climate especially winter, where you can Ski not too far away or barbecue on a splendid log fire and enjoy a hot red wine. The amazing atmosphere is mainly created by the huge population of students in the centre, in fact studying is addictive in Wrocław.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tiletraveler says:

      Thank you for your insight! Wroclaw really deserves being the capital of culture this year and they did work a lot for it. It isn’t just addictive to study in Wroclaw but the whole city ties you to it.


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