How Were People Traveling In The 60’s


The lovely 1960’s were the time when most of cultural things suffered a revolution. From music, clothing or drugs till any kind of social norms present in those days, everything exploded and transformed into a nice colorful, rebellious mess. Along this phenomena, travel industry and peep’s affinity to it, raised increasingly. We go back in time and observe what travelling was like back in the sixties.

Luxury of flying

The main differences between the “Golden Age of Flying” and flying nowadays, are the fares. If flying is a common thing today, back then, before low cost flights were introduced, the idea of going up in the air for traveling was only in the hands of the rich. Giving that, the services offered on board were meeting the standards with a luxurious design, restaurant-like dishes and fancy champaign.

Golden Age Of Hitchhiking

Compared to railroads, riverboats and planes, hitchhiking started to be more and more appreciated becoming a big part of young adventurous traveler’s life and popular culture.  The idea of hitchhiking was a big hit around the world and a great alternative to the spending of purchasing a car. The power of it was so strong that it is still used nowadays, being one of the best and most sustainable ways of travelling, meeting new people, discovering new places and still keeping some money in your pocket.

 Mouth to Mouth Reviews

Many places around the world were almost impossible to reach, as the knowledge about them was quite limited. If we want to travel to a retreated island or a big city, we immediately surf the web to see what info we can find about it. Today we have reviews and pictures for almost every patch of land on this planet. Back then, you would have to make a research using several books, travel agencies and their presentation materials. But the most important help in choosing your travel destination was mouth to mouth review. Hearing about that amazing spot of nature in the middle of the mountains or about that lively city full of multiculturalism and diversity, was beating any commercial written review or agency offer.

 Couchsurfing Through Activism

Feminists, hippies, LGBT activists, were part of the counterculture movement happening in that period. Each movement being represented in most of the cities around the world by a group of people. They were having a strong connection with their peers, giving them a hand whenever necessary. Most of them were willing to host, go on a city tour or hold a gathering for the newcomer who was sharing the same values and ideas. This way, they were building big communities, communicating between each other and organizing big events, centralizing all of them for the fight or celebration of the cause.

 Travel Memories

Beside the great scenery you were capturing with your eyes and storing them in your brain, all the memories were under the form of souvenirs, film photographs, letters and postcards. You’d communicate with your loved ones through long letters explaining the beauty of your experience and you’d give a visual perspective through the postcards you found in the local souvenir shops. Plus, you’d have to wait to see those nice pictures you took with your film camera and store them after in a nice, organized travel scrapbook.








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