Single-Serving Friends – You Had At Least One


Fight Club mentions them, I’ve met them and you definitely have one to talk about from one of your traveling experiences. Single-serving friends are the people you meet and talk to for only a short period of time. Perhaps you were bored while waiting for the bus, or maybe while traveling by airplane. Perhaps you were so happy at a music festival that you felt like sharing it with everyone, even strangers. Either way, you met them and you instantly formed a connection, but you knew you were never going to see them again. And you loved it, because you knew they wouldn’t judge and you could tell them anything. They are the ones that make your trip truly savory.

You can easily recognize them: just like you, they love traveling, they are adventurous, open-minded and they easily give their help to strangers. For example, while in Serbia’s second largest city, Novi Sad at the Exit Music Festival, I was doing some shopping at a supermarket, when I met this really friendly local guy. He was also dressed really cool, he was about 24 years old and had really long dreads. He started by recommending a really good Serbian energy drink called Guarana (I now buy it every time I go to Serbia, because it’s really cheap and very tasty) but continued with telling me about all of the nicest places in the city. He sent me a really nice vibe, just by being so thrilled to be helping a foreigner. Afterwards, he joined me back to the camp and I’ve never seen him again.

The most memorable single-serving friend for me though, was a guy named Miki. Me and my friends had just arrived in Belgrade, in a very remote train station. It was our first time there and we were a bit lost. We randomly stopped him to ask for directions. Not only did he point us in the right direction, he also took us to his hostel (he was the manager), he let us deposit our stuff there for free and then took us to the city center where he showed us the best places to eat and to party. I’m still surprised by how outgoing and friendly Serbian people can be.

When you travel, always keep an open mind and search for the most interesting characters to spend your time with. Even if they come in small portions, people can really spice up a trip. Always talk to strangers!


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