TT Weekly Playlist #4

Tile Traveler presents a fine selection of sounds and visuals on a weekly basis. We transport you, bringing you the right or the wrong mood. We have the music you want.


1. Still Corners – Horses at Night


2. DARKSIDE – Metatron


3. METZ – Eraser


4. Vince Staples – Blue Suede


5. EL VY – Return to the Moon


6. Neon Indian – The Glitzy Hive


7. Sudakistan – Mundo Mamon


8. Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best


9. Pond – Zond


10. Girl Band – Paul


Full Playlist Mode: Here

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. De Coninck Sven says:

    Good Idea I shared it on facebook.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tiletraveler says:

    @DECONICKSVEN Thanks for the feedback .
    Check out TileTraveler on Facebook for more insight. 🙂


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