Work and Travel with EVS

Sometimes going on a journey isn’t easy, we need time and money. But there are also other ways of traveling if we’re willing to give something in exchange. So, if you want to know a different country, if you want to be in contact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, the European Volunteering Service can be an unique opportunity for your self development, it not only broadens your horizons, but it also gives you a feeling of belonging to a project, a feeling of self worth and respect for yourself and towards the community you’ll be helping.

Contrary to what you might think, being a volunteer doesn’t require an extrovert personality or great communicative skills, it only asks for your good will and an open mind. In fact, a lot of organisations demand volunteers with no experience at all, so that they are also able of teaching you something while allowing you to discover your own vocation within a group of people. Moreover, EVS projects range from managing cultural events or art festivals to integration projects, children’s care homes or even community farming.

Volunteers in the Biodynamic Farm Tolvo

On the other hand, if you are an extrovert, if you are dynamic and full of energy, you’ll be just a great match with so many associations that need a communicative character to teach, to entertain, to organise street actions or even to cheer up and motivate so many others!

Volunteers helped organising the imigrArte Festival

If you still have doubts on whether EVS is for you, and sure it is, getting to know other volunteers is a great way to dissipate all those ideas. For instance, take a look at Mina Jaf, a girl born in Kurdistan and raised in Denmark, she flew to Belgium to help other refugees as she was and now, after returning home, she considers it was a chance “to develop a lot of personal skills, such as languages, development, management, leadership [and] coordination”, in the end she was just concerned on “how to be a good citizen”. Or Margarida that volunteered in Spain with children from less privileged social backgrounds and says her experience was “new, different” but also “motivating”. In any case, you can be just a traveling lover that wants to take all the chances to enjoy different places!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 19.33.09
A map of all the open projects on EVS today

If you got interested start by checking the European Youth Portal, there you can access the EVS database with all the projects you can take part in. Keep in mind that the program includes a grant that covers or traveling, food and accommodation needs!

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