Wearing The World – Iceland


Representing the Icelandic heritage, the traditional clothing of Iceland  keeps the same details and patterns while they are worn during several holidays and celebrations. The national dress is known as Þjóðbúningurinn while the traditional men’s wear  is known as Búningur karla, both coming in several variations.


Upphlutur consists of a long black skirt accessorized with a sleeveless bodice ornamented with several silver elements. Other two versions are kyrtill where more color and a hair dress are added and skautbúningur which is full of ornaments and patterns.






Faldbúningur is a traditional dress worn by the Icelandic women, being used since 17th century. This includes a hat decorated with a curved ornament coming in a flat sheet-like  shape (spaðafaldur) or a conic one (krókfaldur).



 Þjóðbúningur karla, the most common among traditional men’s wear, consists of woolen trousers, a double buttoned vest and a double buttoned jacket. It suffered some transformations until now, when the modern traditional men’s wear is represented by Hátíðarbúningur Karla, being worn at formal events.



Tradition goes from head to toe, so the footwear must fit the outfit. Giving that, the traditional shoes were made out of either fish or sheep skin, having woolen interior for a plus of protection. The traditional footwear was mostly worn by women, giving a complete look to the dresses.



Icelandic traditional clothing represents its values through the authenticity and special materials preserving the correct techniques of making and wearing, while promoting the beauty of Iceland.


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