Survival Guide To Hitchhiking

As the dictionary says, getting from point A to point B by getting free lifts in passing vehicles is what hitchhiking reefers to. Being the cheapest and most exciting way of traveling around a country or a continent, it is preferred by anyone willing to save up some money, meet people and get to know their story. A hitchhike ride will always end up  with a bunch of conversations on different topics. We mocked up a survival guide for all the hitchhikers out there. Newbies or experienced, here there are some advices for a great hitchhiking experience.

Pack wisely

Before going out there, be careful to have the essential stuff in your backpack, dropping the useless things that only make your bag heavier and make your long walks (yes you’ll walk some time) even harder. Be sure to get a map of the area, giving that you might need it if technology can’t help you, plus other things that MUST be with you like a black marker, a flashlight, sunscreen, enough food and water. Also, regarding the clothes, you should check out weather in the area where you’re planning to travel and dress accordingly to it.

Good location

If you want to catch a ride as soon as possible, you won’t go in the center of the city. Get to know the exits of the city and where do they take you to. Catch a bus or walk till the right part of the city outskirt and find a visible but safe spot for you to hitchhike. If you end up on a highway where you can’t really hitchhike, go to the closest gas station and do it there. You’ll have plenty of space, some shade, snacks and drinks around, and lots of cars stopping by for a refill giving you the chance of asking for a ride.

Look good

We are not saying to hide your true nature. You should be yourself in anything you’re doing. But if you want people to get you in their cars, try to keep a good image. Don’t express a shady behavior while hitchhiking, don’t smoke and don’t cover your face with dubious accessories. Also remember it is important to be clean, no one will let you in a car if you smell or have dirty clothes. The point is that you shouldn’t look like a serial killer wannabe and you should expect the same from the drivers.

Not 4 Groups

Hitchhiking in more than two people is HARD. Best way of hitchhiking is alone as chances of getting picked up are decreasing once with adding more people. If you are more than three people, the best idea would be for you to split up and take different parts of the road. You’ll have more chances doing that than staying all together and waiting for a miracle. You can turn everything in a competition and see who gets there first, FUN!

Keep it legal

In some part of the world, hitchhiking isn’t legal, and even if it is, there might be some certain areas where it is not. So be careful and check the laws in the area you find yourself, the last thing you want is getting a fine during holidays. Beside the laws, in some countries the idea of hitchhiking is not very popular and appreciated by the community, making you wait for hours till you get a car and pushing your limits. The key is to stay positive and keep going while not letting bad energies get to you.

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