8 Best Low Cost Airlines in Europe

Traveling by plane, only 2 decades ago, was all about Charm and champagne, flights were expensive, seats were luxurious, food was fancy and stewardesses were like top models. Today, low costs rule and the WorldAirlineAwards have their prizes for this category. We’re showing you the 8 best in Europe for you to move around on budget!


1 – Norwegian

Europe’s best low cost is from Norway and not as famous. Norwegen, however, has a lot of destinations in Europe as Spain, Sweden Croatia, Austria, Portugal, but also in the USA like Puerto Rico, Florida or Los Angeles. Prices are as good as you expect, if inside Europe they start at 37€, you can get to Miami for 250€!


2 – EasyJet

One of the most well known airlines and the second bigger with 64 million passengers in 2014. EasyJet is also famous for its side businesses as Hotels or, more recently, the supermarkets with all products priced 25p.


3 – Germanwings

Because of the competition between “normal” airlines and the low cost, many companies decided to have their own subsidiary with cheaper prices. Germanwings is based in Germany and part of Lufthansa.


4 – Niki

The austrian subsidiary of AirBerlin owes its name to the famous Grand Prix driver Niki Lauda. The Ferrari and McLaren driver had already his own airline named Lauda and bought Aero Lloyd Austrian Airlines in 2003, but just in 2011 the company’s operations were merged with AirBerlin. It isn’t as cheap as most low costs, but for the its sector it offers most of the services of regular fighters as luggage or snacks for free.


5 – WizzAir

The pink and purple airline is one of the most famous in Europe, mostly for its routes and very competitive prices that can go as low as 8€! With WizzAir’s operations based in Hungary it had its first years serving eastern and central europe, but has been expanding to the west with regular flights already in Spain and Portugal.


6 – AirBaltic

The Latvian low cost airline operates for most of eastern and central europe as well as Turkey, Israel or Iceland. AirBaltic was created with the help of SAS, the Scandinavian Airlines.


7 – WOW Air

This is a really WOW airline! The icelandic low cost wants to offer “that wow feeling”, as they claim to be “the airline with the biggest smile and the lowest prices”. In fact, WOW flies to the US and Canada from as low as 160€ and that is really cheap when it comes to transatlantic flights!

maxresdefault (1).jpg

8 – Pegasus Airlines

Turkey is far, but Pegasus makes it to Barcelona or Paris for 35€! The name comes from greek mythology, a flying horse, with long pure white wings, a god of the sky. And that is the experience the turkish airline wants to offer on a low budget to and from the Anatolian Peninsula!

If you like flying low cost remember, there are lots of companies to search for good deals. And if you don’t know how to find them, check on your departure airport’s website for the companies based there!

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