10 Best Cities Out Of Europe

The good pleasure of traveling is the discovering, the feeling of searching for a new place, new people and a new culture, but mostly it is the pleasure of sharing our culture while we learn from others. For that, we don’t usually search for the best places, the big cities or the famous tourist attractions, we are attracted by the new and the unvealed. But when we consider moving somewhere for a long term we do think of our wellbeing, we  think of where we can get the best quality of living.

Today, the Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings for 2016 were published and we are showing you the 10 best cities to live in outside Europe!

10 – San Francisco, USA (#28)


9 – Singapore, Singapore (#26)


8 – Montreal, Canada (#23)


7 – Perth, Australia (#21)


6 – Ottawa, Canada (#17)


5 – Toronto, Canada (#15)


4 – Wellington, New Zealand (#12)


3 – Sidney, Australia (#10)


2 – Vancouver, Canada (#5)

The city view is nice 1 full HD modern wallpaper 322014112632.jpg

1 – Auckland, New Zealand (#3)


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