6 New Ways Of Grocery Shopping

Making grocery shopping is one of those things most of us really hate, but that we can’t really escape from. Even if you grow your own veggies, there’s not much you can do if you need to get most of other products. But supermarket chains know all this, as they also know we start having different diets or a new perspective twords environment, ecology and even concerns over how fresh what we buy is. We’re showing you 6 different concepts of the new generation of grocery shops around the world that will make you want to go shopping.

1 – Original Unverpacket, Berlin

This supermarket rocks for being the first, the first in the world, with zero waste. Not only you won’t find plastic boxes or bags, but you also buy just as much as you need.


2 – WeFood, Copenhagen

Just open, WeFood, sells only expired products or products with defectuous packaging. It is a great way to avoid food wasting as you learn new ways of consuming veggies that look ugly or that you feel bad to eat them after they expire.


3 – Marqt, Amsterdam

This store in Amsterdam takes advantage of second hand furniture and materials. Other cool feature is a tap water fountain, anyone can fill the recycled plastic bottles available at the shop.

Interieur Marqt Amsterdam Gelderlandplein

4 – Green Atrium Supermarket, Hong Kong

Not only a big grocery shop, Green Atrium only sells organic products, not only food, but all of them. They also host some great workshops on DIY!


5 – Biorganic, Dubai

Biorganic is also a all-organic food store. Their objective is to make people go green and for that reason they also arrange meetings between clients that want to share their own recipes,



6 – Fresh St. Farms, Surrey

This messy shop in Canada is the modern farm, here you can get all veggies fresh and produced by locals, they want to make you feel like you traveled in time back to those old traditional markets!


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