Snoop Dogg Digging Romanian Cuisine

Last week, Snoop Dogg shared with his 9.3m followers on Instagram a selfie full of swag (like always) with an interesting location tag in Bogata, a small Romanian village close to Transilvania. Everybody went crazy with it and wondered what is Dogg doing in that remote location. Even if the geotag choice was the result of a mishap, we know how the musician would spend his time in Bogata: Enjoying Romanian Cuisine!

bogata pr


King of Sarmale


He saw them rolling and he loved it. Sarmale is a cabbage roll dish filled with meat, rice and lots of spices. The most famous dish of Romania and probably the most delicious one, if you’re into greasy soul food.

Mixing up with Boeuf Salad


The delicious “salad” is another heavenly dish of Romania, with different vegetables, mayo and chicken all mixed togheter creating a savory explosion. Even if it is eaten as a garnish, you can eat it just like that for days and days and days SO GOOD!



You have pickles everywhere, but not like in Romania. There is a rule that every respected Romanian has a jar of homemade pickles at home. Sour is the basic taste being extended to spicy, sweet and lots of different flavors, having several recipes all over the country.

Work That Grill  w/ Mici


Mici (The small ones) is a truly lovely experience for the meat lovers. A mix of lamb, pork and beef meat, all combined with lots of spices, garlic and grilled on wood fire in the shape of small meat rolls. Put them together with some mustard, some bread, and you can start crying out of pleasure.

Dogg With Pretzels On His Tail


Romanian pretzels are a popular snack made from natural ingredients, coming in different shapes with different preparation techniques and several flavours. They are really popular in urban areas and made at home in the Christmas period in huge quantities, being hanged on strings for a timeless tasty supply.


And the Gif you’re looking for. You’re welcome!


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