6 Wicked Summer Festivals Of 2016

Summer is super close!

We find ourselves in the middle of winter, a time when we seek any method to keep ourselves warm. But is also the period for summer music festivals to announce the first artists in their line-ups, always offering great early birds. We made a list of 6 European festivals which will make you wanna hibernate till summer.

1. INmusic Festival


Just celebrated ten years in 2015, INmusic Festival is the biggest Croatian open-air music festival. Taking place in Zagreb’s Lake Jarun at the beginning of each summer, it is constantly praised as one of the best festivals in Europe – and one of the most affordable – it features performances by numerous music legends.

|  20th – 22th of June | Line-up | Tickets |

2. Open Source Festival


Based in Düsseldorf, OPEN SOURCE FESTIVAL has a unique vibe and mixed elements, being held in the middle of the Grafenberg Forest, on a horse racecourse surrounded by beautiful…

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