The Place To Stay in Novi Sad

We usually get excited visiting big capitals, forgetting how smaller cities can offer real country feelings – after all, we all see differences between our capital and the rest of the country. Being in Serbia, Belgrade does give you an amazing vibe of culture and fun and it is really easy to find a cool Hostel to stay. In Novi Sad however, the offer might be smaller in number, but it is great in quality. We present you the “City Hostel”!


The Place

The Hostel is a whole 3 floors house, but the first thing you’ll notice is this small patio area right in the entrance where you can enjoy sitting outside for a drink. The hostel is also really well decorated, giving the place a feeling of being bigger with windows and bookshelves where they don’t actually exist, creating also a kind of homey, but cool feeling. When you arrive you have a second nice surprise, a welcoming shot of Rakia, Serbia’s traditional drink, it is amazingly heart-warming!

The apartment like floors are also a plus, as you get a living room and 2 individual bathrooms (guys/girls), you won’t have to share it with other guests while you using it. All the hostel is really clean, there is a lady that cleans it every morning, so you can also expect fresh bedlinen. In what concerns security, you’ll have your own locker that is not as big as to keep a standard hand luggage, but all your values will be safe.

Also, remember to pay attention at the drawings on the walls, you’ll find some really funny ones.



The Staff

The guys working there are some of the best you’ll encounter. Not just cause they are fun, easygoing, but because they are ready to help you plan all your trip, you can ask them for help on how to get to the hostel even if you are in some other city, be certain they will send you bus and train schedules. Other plus is that if you find yourself lost, they do answer fast to your emails! Be aware though, you won’t find anyone there during the night, but the hostel has no curfew hour, you’ll receive the keys to enter and leave whenever.



Very central, it is really easy to reach even if you’re not used to travel around. From the bus stop you get bus number 4 and get off on the 6th stop, just like the staff tells you, but when you make a booking they’ll also send you an email with all the info stating if you need some help “please give us a call”.

You won’t be in the historical center, but you are only 5min walking distance from there. The way is very pleasant to do at any hour of the day or night, plus you’ll be also 10min from the river and the Petrovaradin Fortress. Around you’ll find some 24/7 shops and some great places for your breakfast like this awesome LOFT.



You have Wi-Fi in all the floors, but don’t count on high speed connection, if it fails don’t worry, it will be back to life pretty fast. You also have a TV per floor and next to the reception desk you can use the PC or spend some time playing Xbox. Towels and bed clothes are for free. The only disadvantage is that you won’t have free breakfast, but there are kitchen appliances you can use to cook your own food.


Prices are also really welcoming, a bed on a 8 people dorm will cost you around €8.5 and prices average €26/person on a double bed private room. Be sure you have money with you to pay your stay, the hostel doesn’t accept credit/debit cards.


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