One Day: Soul Food, A Good Coffee & Beer

The beauty of traveling stays in small things, just like those places you discover almost by mistake. That hidden patch of land that not much people know about, that small bodega which serves the best dish in town or that very underground artsy place where all the locals enjoy that cheap AF beer.

And Serbia, a land of super fine people, good food and two alphabets (so hawt) has so much of that to offer. In our last trip we went to Novi Sad, a lovely city that should be in your bucket list, and we discovered such great places that we had to run back to share them with the world.

Good Start!



Wanting to start the day with a good breakfast and a strong coffee, we found ourselves in LOFT – Coffee & Lounge Bar which is the place to be if you’re looking for those fresh pastries, sandwiches and extremely high quality coffee. We stick to an orange flavoured croissant next to a cappuccino and water with fresh mint offered on the house. The two floors location is super cosy, similar to a lumber jack hut, more than a urban loft, with wood insertions and neutral coloured decorations, or even the pleaded shirts of the staff members which, by the way, are super kind and welcoming, giving LOFT a great feeling of comfort.


Adress: Stražilovska 37, Novi Sad

Best Burger In The World Town


When we talk food, we mean it. Looking to feed our hungry souls we decided to find the “perfect spot” against all the touristic diners. Guided by intuition, we entered a small backyard where we spotted a true gem. Toster Bar is a small homey place with a modern and fresh design, serving amazingly tasty burgers while being sprinkled with that awesome kindness of the staff. The fresh meat is grilled right next to you, on the spot, it all smells amazing  plus fresh vegetables, fresh sauces, FRESH EVERYTHING! We tried the weekend special, being served on a hard wooden plate for you to cut it nicely or just devour it while you moan of pleasure (kinky eh?), with the fries being served in small buckets and sauces in cute lil jars, they definitely know their deal when it comes to food presentation.



Adress: Zmaj Jovina 24 (u pasažu), Novi Sad

Once You Go Craft…


What caught our eye during the trip was the craft beer from Kabinet Brewery. The magic elixir coming with different interesting flavours and really cool bottle design, having a wonderful taste and texture while being much appreciated by the locals. We are happy to say that we found Kabinet both in Loft, Toster Bar and most of the bars we’ve been to. It’s great starting, continuing or…finishing a night with a good quality beer. We definitely recommend it.


Adress: Despota Stevana Lazarevica 11, Novi Sad


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