Forget Amsterdam, Visit Haarlem!

We talked already about how cool it is to go around small cities and find the unexpected. Haarlem is one of the cases, a small city with  150k inhabitants right next to Amsterdam, a kind of sleeping bag for those working in the bigger and crowded towns of the Netherlands.

However small, it is one more of those gems where you can experience everything the Dutch capital offers, but with less people, less confusion and mainly less tourist traps.

Voila Walhalla

Discovered only by a small sign in the beginning of a narrow street, Voila Walhalla Voila Walhalla, “is in a small street. A very historic street” where Frans Hals was painting” in the 17th century.


According to the artist and owner behind, we got to know a bit more about the house where people gather for a moment of distress, the building is “already 150 years old”, the reason why it is considered”monumental”. Divided in 2 floors, “downstairs we have a pop up space, a gallery where people can sometimes sell clothes or shoes, but we also organize little pop up in pop up, shop a shop for those that have a sell online and want to try it in a real shop. But anyone can rent it for a party or whatever they need”.


However, it is on the second floor that magic happens, “we give action painting workshops in two ways: as Herman Brood or as Jackson Pollock: just throwing paint without thinking about what we’re doing, expressing ourselves.”


Also a painter, the host also uses the space for herself, making “copies of Herman Broon.”, but mainly painting “what I like”!


But don’t think people start painting on the first second “people are first shy, so i make some jokes, I just tell them to do it. don’t think about it, just do it cause it will never go wrong, it always goes right” with the help of “ some beer, wine or lemonades, music, I just give them a demo and they just go!”

The Irrational Library

Other place that catches attentive eyes is The Irrational Library, an awesome and very exquisite vintage shop with second-hand clothes, vinyls, music, comics and a bunch of other pieces of “cult, cool and Kitsch”! But more than a shop, they even have a Short Story Club, a must go in Haarlem!

Picture from Irrational Library’s facebook
Picture from The Irrational Library’s facebook

Picture from Irrational Library’s facebook

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