The Winners Of National Geographic Travel Photo Contest 2016

The  National Geographic TravelPhoto Contest 2016 gathers an impressive collection of beautiful shots. From a pool of 10.000 entries depicting people, cities or nature. National Geographic Travel selected the winners for this year, and we are in awe. Check it out!

🏆  GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Winter Horseman, Inner Mongolia

At a freezing temperature of minus twenty and lower, with a constant breeze of snow from all direction, it was pretty hard to convince myself to get out of the car and take photos. When I saw Inner Mongolia horsemen showing off their skills and commanding the steed from a distance.


🏆  FIRST PLACE WINNER, NATURE: Wherever you go, I will follow you!!  

I heard the joyful voice from the car window like “quack, quack!” There they were: red foxes. Around the end of the winter, they meet the season of love; they care for and love each other enough.



Suddenly a beautiful reflection appeared on the shallow pool when I was taking a rest. It was a cloudy day so I could only see it when the wind stopped blowing and sunlight hit this Islamic architecture.



SECOND PLACE WINNER, PEOPLE: Rooftop Dreams, Varanasi

As I looked over the side of the rooftop terrace, my jaw dropped in disbelief. Below were mothers, fathers, children, cats, dogs, and monkeys all sleeping on their roofs.



THIRD PLACE WINNER, PEOPLE: Remote life at -21 degree

An old woman in a remote village in Himachal Pradesh, India, carries a big log back home to warm up her house.




This place is the school dormitories of South China Normal University. When I was hanging around, most of them were taking a break. After lunchtime, they needed to go back to study.



I saw a yacare sink suddenly, and I immediately looked for the best location to photograph when it resurfaced. The whole thing lasted only a fraction of a moment.



THIRD PLACE WINNER, NATURE: Lagunas Baltinache (Atacama Desert)

I embarked alone on this adventure to find images not yet published of the most arid desert in the world and its contrasts.  Despite the Atacama Desert being one of the best places on the planet to do night photography.




More at: National Geographic

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