The Place To Stay In Belgrade

Belgrade, the city of art, monumental buildings and all night long parties, but still very undiscovered by tourists from Europe and the rest of world. Visiting it is an amazing experience that gives you the real feeling of an european capital. This time, we talked to Eva, a traveler from California exploring the beauty of the Balkans and working in Fair and Square Hostel, the Place to stay in Serbia’s biggest city.

The Place


You’ll find yourself in a concept hostel, only one year old, you’ll see a beautiful wooden design, organic shapes, peaceful colours and feel the amazing comfort. There are three separate buildings, the main one where you can find the reception and other 2 with dorms and cosy double rooms for those seeking for privacy. As Eva pointed, the place “is very modern, it is pretty organic”, the decoration is idea of the owner that “knew exactly what he wanted, this is his project, his baby, but people that stayed here also did a lot, like the big map” on the common area.

And don’t get fooled by the naked pictures on some booking websites, the atmosphere is great, however you might find some less nice comments on it, the feeling there is pretty much the opposite, “most people have a great time, but it also depends on the people around them, but the hostel is really relaxed, sometimes even the weather can ruin the experience” that is why now Eva always recommends “the river side because now it is summer”!




Eva speaks for the whole staff, she wasn’t just welcoming but truly nice, she gives a great first impression about the place. And she knows exactly what travelers need, she is a traveling lover herself, the reason why she is Belgrade. Also a lover of Serbian traditional cuisine she will be glad to tell you where to find some cool restaurants and typical street food.



The 3 buildings are an amazing display of great minimalist architecture and interior design, whether you stay in one of the 8 dorms (4 to 8 beds) or in one of the 4 private rooms with their own bathrooms. The common area is also great, the kitchen is huge and you’ll find all the appliances you need to cook whatever you feel like, but you can also just take a seat and chill watching tv or playing some video games. One of the most important things for the hostel management is also hygiene, it is a really clean place and Eva is the proof of it as she enjoys walking around the reception barefoot, it does give a sense of comfort and a summer vibe.

On the other hand, you won’t have breakfast included, only if you are part of a big group and ask for it in advance, “most people go to the store and cook themselves, but there is always [fresh] coffee and tea for everyone”.

Note that the reception closes around 11pm, however the staff may stay a bit longer if there’s a lot of people on the common area, it open again around 9am.



The area where the hostel is located is definitely calm, almost residential, but get it right, it isn’t far at all from the center, less than a 20 minutes walk is enough to take you the main area. At the same time, you have everything around the hostel, from stores to a big avenue full of street food, pubs and restaurant, and, for those not keen to walk, you can also take a bus that will get it to the main attractions in 10 minutes. It really isn’t far and it is great to put yourself away from the agitated nights of Belgrade!


Best of all, it is surprisingly affordable for the quality and space you get! Booking a bed in a 6 people dorm goes from 7€ up to only 20€ on a double room ensuite! Here you certainly get the best price/quality/location ratio in Belgrade!

Enjoy it, and remember to pet the hostel’s super cute puppy!

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