Bucharest Street Food Culture

Placed in the heart of the city [Old Town, Selari Street no. 4], bettween all this schabby chic buildings and the urban daily rush, you’ll find Food Hood, a place that brings the vibes of a seaside vacation in the middle of the cemented jungle. Feel the cosy patch of sand resembling a tropical beach, while having your cold drink and tasting all kinds of GOOD FOOD. It is the best of street food in one place. The options are wide, from burgers to grill, pizza or even vegetarian. You can find anything your heart desires.


This is the place where you can stop, grab a bite, have a drink and disconnect from the crazyness for as long as you want. But doing so right in the middle of the rush is ironic and paradoxal, that’s what makes this place even better.


There is something for everyone. From the Italian Corner which specilises in amazing pizza to the Fun Area where you have all this corky chairs and tables made from all sorts of matertials. If you just want to relax, go to the Chill Zone where you can park your bike and lay down on a hammoc!


Here, the crowd is quite diverse. You have people constantly on party mode and others taking advantage of the place to relax with a beer in their hands. In both cases, you can have these really good Romanian beers you can’t easily find around the city, like Zaganu.


The prices are not the the frieliest, but the quality is tottaly worth it. A beer will cost you around 2 euros,  while a a cocktail can go over 3.5. Food prices can vary between 3 and 6 euros per portion.

IMG (1).png

Street food is getting bigger and bigger in Bucharest, showing that people like to enjoy the city during summer and be part of its soul. In September, the city will celebrate even more the street food culture. The first edition of Bucharest Street Food Festival will gather over 20 vendors from the capital and from around Romania offering a wide selection of good food and good mood!


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