Lisbon Postcards: Exploring the Clichés Of The City


Postcards are a great way of sharing experiences, being a must-have for any traveler out there. We all know that postcards depicting landscapes, that you can find on a slight google search, are not so cool anymore. We are aiming for the good design and alternative images. A shady Brooklyn street instead of a skyline of New York, the building of a random area or the image of a local dish. Either way, specific elements make a good postcard,WORD.

Imagine if the postcards we send would come to life and share a small story. That’s what Miguel Feraso, a Portuguese illustrator, succeeded to do with the city of Lisbon. In this case, the stories represent a small satire towards the big amount of tourists and how the city is reacting to it.

The main monuments of the city are the center of attention, animated in an unexpected way while adding a dose of humour to the city.


✉️ Mãe d’Àgua vs Space Invaders


✉️ The Hungry 




✉️ Bouncy Cristo Rei


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