The Place To Stay In Sarajevo

by The Wild One for TileTraveler

In the hearth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in the valley and tucked between the mountains, there is a capital city of this wonderful country – Sarajevo. This is a town where eastern and western civilizations and cultures merge together. As a result of that you can enjoy in the beautiful architecture of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Also, during the whole year Sarajevo is a host of many great festivals – Sarajevo Winter, The nights of Baščaršija, Sarajevo film festival, International Theater Festival MESS and Jazz Fest Sarajevo. All this festivals are held in the center of city and Teatar (Theater) Hostel is close to all of them. Definitely, the best place to stay while visting Sarajevo.

The Place


The Hostel is situated on the first floor of the building, built in the eclectic and historicist style of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It’s a small, but cozy, hostel placed in a one big apartment, one flor below the Kamerni Teatar 55 Theather.

The entrance door are artistically decorated with blue and red colors, so you can’t miss them. The first thing you will see entering inside are papers pinned on the rope, with the messages of satisfied visitors. This is a common room with table and chairs, so you can hang out with other guests or do your stuff. Teatar Hostel has two really big rooms, with four beds in each room. The host Tomi and Haris are planing to put one more bed in both rooms. There are two bathrooms and well equipped kitchen.



The hostel is runned by Tomi and Haris, two great, funny, young guys in mid twenties. They will welcomed you with the smile and make your stay in Sarajevo very pleasent. You will be defintely overwhelmed with the feeling like you are at home. Tomi and Haris live in the hostel, in a small separete bedrooms, and they hang out all the time with the guests. Don’t be suprised if sometimes they prepare a lunch for you and other guests or take you for a sightseeing of the city. This hostel is a perfect place for a younger travelers and for those who travel alone, because you will definitely meet new friends. Many guest are so thrilled with this cozy and friendly atmosphere, so they stay longer than they planed. This happens really often!



The rooms are newly painted and furnished. Also, hygiene of the hostel is very important to Tomi and Haris, so everything is always clean and neat. Wireless (WiFi) is available throughout the hostel. The advantage of Haris and Tomi living in the hostel is that the reception is open 24/7.


Hostel Teatar is situated in the strict city center. From the rooms you have a great view over the main street and on the Eternal flame monument from Second World War. This is a perfect location! It is next to the beginng of pedestrian street, that goes through the center to the Old Town Baščaršija. From here you can go sightseeing all main atraction by foot. The tram station is very close to the Hostel and the main bus station is only four station tram ride away. The distance from Hostel to airport is 10 km.


The prices vary by the time of year, but it’s really affordable for the great location in the city center and homely atmosphere. During the Sarajevo Film Festival and for New Year’s Eve booking a bed costs 15 €. In other times of the year prices goes from 6 € up to 12 €. The breakfast is not included in the price, but taxes are. Be sure you have enough cash, because they don’t accept credit cards.

If you don’t mind sharing room with other guests and you are into meeting new people this is a perfect place for you. The hosts Tomi and Haris will make your visit to Sarajevo very pleasent and enjoyable!



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